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HamboHus is an integrated program for design and construction of buildings (available only in Norwegian). HamboHus produces complete engineering results from a house model. This includes blueprints for review and construction, various kinds of material lists, price calculations including work time, and reports.

Semafor has the rights to HamboHus and does software development. HamboHus is marketed by Ernst Hamnvik. See www.hambohus.no for more information (Norwegian only).




HouseModeller3D is a program for design of buildings, especially residential homes. The program includes the design parts of HamboHus and files created with it can be opened by HamboHus. Se www.housemodeller3D.no (Norwegian only).

HouseModeller3D is available on the Mac App Store in the Scandinavian countries.


Consulting for NADA AS


Semafor does consulting for NADA AS, a daughter company of Mediebedriftenes Landsforening. This company designs and develops services for sending advertisements to print media in Norway. Semafor develops programs and web applications, including NADAexpress, available at www.nada.no.


Nordlek 2012


Nordlek 2012 is an iPhone/iPod application that contains dances and tunes for the folk dance festival Nordlek, held in Steinkjer, Norway July 10-15. More about the festival: www.nordlek.no. More about the application: here.


Previous projects




Soft100 is a program, an emulator, developed in order to run Norsk Data ND-100 programs on Macintosh (Classic). The program was developed and marketed by Semafor.

HamboHus ran using Soft-100 on the Mac before it was translated into native code.




OrbitTerminal simulates Tandberg 2200/9 terminals (Norsk Data model) on the Macintosh. It was originally developed by Hambo AS and sold as HamboTerminal around 1985. Later, the rights were transferred to Orbit Creative Computing AS, which also developed Jonathan, and finally transferred to Semafor. Many copies of the program were sold, making it a substantial success in the 1980s.


Jonathan CAD System

Jonathan App Jonathan  

Jonathan CAD System and Jonathan Draw were developed by Orbit Creative Computing AS at the end of the 1980s. The programs were drawing programs with 2D and 3D functionality. They made maximum use of the technology available at the time - with exact drawings based on real numbers.

Semafor's developers were employed by Orbit and were the main developers of Jonathan. After they formed Semafor, development continued for a time on a consulting basis.

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