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Semafor Software ANS


Semafor Software ANS is a developer of computer software, mainly for Apple Macintosh.

The two partners, Alix Cordray and Alf Martin Jensen, have worked with Macintosh since it first appeared in 1984. The company was founded in 1989.

Both partners have worked with many different technologies and programming languages. They have experience with different operating systems, including many different flavors of unix. Their experience includes assembly languages, systems programming, GUIs, graphics, databases, c, c++, Java, various scripting languages, and Apple's WebObjects.

The company has its own products in addition to its consulting work.

Semafor's most important product is HamboHus, used for building design and construction (in Norwegian). HamboHus has been on the market since 1983 and produces complete engineering results based on a house model. This includes blueprints for review and construction, various kinds of material lists, price calculations including work time, and reports.

Semafor also makes HouseModeller3D, a "miniversion" of HamboHus. HouseModeller3D includes the design parts of HamboHus and is available on the Mac App Store. Buildings drawn in HouseModeller3D can be opened in HamboHus.

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